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EnVision 2104-0020 Multilabel Plate Reader

  • EnVision 2104-0020 Multilabel Plate Reader

    Designed to give optimized performance in all major multilabel reading applications including reporter gene assays, cell applications, genotyping, enzyme assays, signal transduction, receptor ligand binding, imunnoassays, and quantification, also capable of fluorometry, fluorescence polarization, TR-fluorometry, luminometry, and photometry, features 96-well, 384-well and 1536-well capabilities, high speed dual emission reading, high throughput light source, and top/bottom reading modes for fluorescence.

    System is currently configured with barcode readers, AlphaScreen, and temperature control options, comes standard with 401BC Photometric optical module, 403BC FITC optical module, 404BC Luminescence optical module, 302BC Photometric 405nm EX filter, 102BC FITC 485nm EX filter, 206BC FITC 535nm EM filter, and 212BC Luminescence filter, additional/alternate filter sets are available upon request, also comes with plate stacker unit with two 20-plate capacity stackers, a computer with EnVision v.1.13 software installed, monitor, keyboard and mouse, 100-240V, 50/60Hz.

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